Telephone Service

Metronet is your source for local phone service. We are vendors to a variety of carriers throughout Michigan. It is our job to guarantee you get your right service for your company. And to prove it with a phone bill analysis.

We compare flat rates, taxes, fees and surcharges. So bottom line, you know you have the best deal.


Local Phone Service

10 years ago, you only had one choice for local phone service. Now we have choices. Metronet is a vendor for a variety of carriers. Give us a call to see which are available in your area and evaluate your options. Together we can review your costs, fees and surcharges and determine which carrier provides your best value.


Long Distance Service

Metronet is one of the first long distance providers after the break-up of AT&T. Since 1981, we have delivered clear, reliable long distance service to customers nationwide. Our low rates are paired with simple and easy to understand invoicing.

We also provide all your call details in PDF files so they may be stored electronically. This creates easy storage and reference for your business.


Toll-Free Numbers

Never let a long distance call keep you from your customers. We can provide a toll-free number for your business, home or cell phone.


Conference Calling

Conduct a meeting over any phone any time you like. Participate simply by calling a toll-free number from any phone. No monthly fees or contracts—just pay as you go at a low rate.


E-Fax Service

•  Send unlimited faxes to your e-mail for as low as $9.95 per month.

•  Great for temporary or new satellite offices.

•  Save, copy and store important documents with signatures directly on your computer.

•  Optional toll-free fax number available.

•  Forward your faxes to other e-mail addresses.

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