Metronet is an authorized dealer for Panasonic Telephone Systems. Metronet is proud to be a vendor for Panasonic as they are a proven leader in quality state-of-the-art equipment. Panasonic delivers easy-to-use telephone systems for small, medium and large organizations.


Panasonic TDE:
Voice-over IP phone system. The TDE system is designed specifically for large scale businesses.

Panasonic NCP:
Designed for traditional phone and voice-over IP phone services. The NCP system is tailored to small and medium sized organizations.

Panasonic 2-Line/4-Line Wireless Phones:

Ideal for small offices with traditional phone service. Each system includes 2 wireless phones and may add up to 6 more which are fully integrated.

Phone System Accessories

  • Music-On-Hold
  • Headsets
  • Call Accounting

Traditional Phone System vs. Voice-Over IP

Most are familiar with traditional phone service. Calls are routed through phone lines and phone carriers. But a new kind of phone service has evolved in the telecommunications world: Voice-Over Internet Protocol.

VOIP routes your calls through the internet and your phone system is the phone carrier. A VOIP phone system will allow you to take an office phone home and use all the same integrated features (hold, transfer, paging, etc.) as if you are still at the office. A VOIP system is optimum for multiple locations. But it’s not perfect for everyone. Give us a call to evaluate if VOIP will enhance or hurt your bottom line

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